Optimized Audio Can Make You Healthier

Cymatrax assists people by delivering a complementary and alternative tool, delivering a system of filtered frequencies of digital audio to the user, encouraging less stress/illness and achieving the best health, that is scientifically researched for a healthy environment, which is harmonious for the human spirit, allowing for enhanced cognitive thinking and increased productivity.

Erase Digital Fatigue

Are you ready to make digital fatigue a thing of the past?  Recent NIH (National Institute of Health) Clinical Trials have shown that listening to digital audio files floods the brain with white noise frequencies which reduce cognitive capabilities and create a sense of physical fatigue.

How Does It Work?

With Cymatrax, our patented technology analyzes digital audio files, locates where those good frequencies are and locks on to them. Then, with a very specific formula, will reduce a small percentage of the white noise amplitude, so without changing the quality of the recording, the user will be able to retain more information, have less stress, and experience higher cognitive focus.

What is the solution?

Cymatrax.  Upload your digital files to have them processed by our revolutionary process and begin to Feel The Difference!!

“It’s absolutely logical and surprising no one has ever thought of this.”
Neurobiology Chair, UAB