About the Science

Here is a 2019 report from the Journal of the Royal Society Interface which shows the physics of Electromechanical vibration of microtubules and its application in biosensors. In other words, how the physical structures of our cells carry and deliver frequency alteration and advanced signalling through the central nervous system in the process of signal transduction. This demonstrates how the Cymatrax delivery of specific frequencies, through digital audio, positively impacts the cognitivie functions of the brain.


If you are a layman and not a neuroscientist, this article will explain how the Cymatrax technology will benefit your cognitive ability.  https://www.bustle.com/p/what-white-noise-does-to-your-brain-according-to-experts-19271146

If you are a neuroscientist, this will make perfect and logical sense. From the 2015 publication of US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Differential effects of white noise in cognitive and perceptual tasks” showing how disruptive all digital audio is to human cognitive ability. The Cymatrax software improves this for more energy, less stress and better cognitive ability. 



  1. ​​​​Cymatics is the study of how sound waves moves matter and can do so to the human body, including the blood, DNA and the blocking of centered flow of the central nervous system.​ 
  2. ​Our technology is built on the published research and proven discoveries of MIT, Harvard School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic and the Oxford Experimental Psychology Lab, headed by Roi Cohen Kadosh, PhD (Distinction), Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience.    
  3. ​The Cymatrax software is a patented application which can be used in many areas in the home, traveling or workplace, which can be to evaluate the work area environment, including areas such as driving a car, from your cell phone,  computer server room, overhead fluorescent lighting ballast humming, air conditioning noises, etc.
  4. The Cymatrax software filters sound waves which distort the optimal vibration to the human body.
  5. Cymatrax does not evaluate sound/music as an emotional experience, but as an energy field which manipulates and shifts matter.