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The Problem: Digital Audio Causes Fatigue

Recent studies conclusively show that listening to standard
digital audio files floods the brain with disruptive white noise frequencies.
This reduces cognitive capabilities, cripples retention, and causes pronounced
mental and physical fatigue.

The impact is massive with billions of people worldwide
listening to harmful, unoptimized audio for hours daily. Productivity and
wellbeing suffer greatly as a result.

The Cymatrax Solution

Cymatrax uses patented technology to analyze audio files and
identify problematic frequencies. Our proprietary formula then adjusts these
frequencies to optimize the audio for the human brain and body.

This process removes digital distraction and discord without
sacrificing sound quality. Users retain more information, experience higher
cognition, and eliminate audio fatigue.

The benefits are profound:

  • Increased focus, energy, and alertness
  • Reduced stress and greater calm
  • Heightened productivity and efficiency
  • Improved learning, memory, and retention
  • Renewed passion for music and other audio

How Our Technology Works

  • Cymatics studies how sound waves physically affect the body – including blood, DNA,
    and nervous system function.
  • Our software leverages proven discoveries from leading research institutions
    like MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Oxford.
  • Our patented algorithms identify and adjust specific frequencies causing distortion and
  • The end result is audio aligned with the body’s optimal energy state.
  • Users simply upload audio files to be optimized via our revolutionary process.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Backed by decades of peer-reviewed research
  • First and only solution of its kind
  • Proprietary technology and patented process
  • Founded by industry pioneers and innovators
  • Poised for rapid growth and scale


Meet Our Experienced Team

Alan Brunton, Founder & CEO

30+ years experience as a visionary developer of performance enhancing software leveraging targeted sound frequencies. Background spans tech, media, hospitality and more.



Eduardo Contreras, CTO

20+ years driving growth and innovation at IT security, telecom, and software companies. Active supporter of Austin’s thriving startup

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